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Neanderland - your destination for holidays, leisure and work

TOP are not only our BESOTEL® holiday flats and flats. TOP is also the unique location in the centre of Neanderland and on the edge of the characteristic landscape of the Bergisches Land with its hills, forests, meadows and valleys. It is also in the immediate vicinity of the major cities of Düsseldorf and Wuppertal.

If that's not enough for holidays, leisure and relaxation from work, you can visit many other attractions "on the fly" thanks to the excellent transport connections:

Here are a few tips for your leisure activities. If you would like more information, simply contact our team at BESOTEL®.

Neandertal and Neanderland tourist region

In the immediate vicinity of the world-famous Neandertal, Erkrath near Düsseldorf and Mettmann are among the 10 towns in the Neanderland tourist region. The Neandertal itself is one of the oldest and most beautiful nature reserves in Germany. The region around the site where the Neanderthal man was found is particularly attractive for nature lovers, those interested in culture, those seeking relaxation and active people of all ages. You will find numerous offers for enjoyment, relaxation and holidays in Neanderland.

Typical neanderland

You will find real country delights from neanderland on many occasions: On an excursion, when visiting a restaurant, as an original souvenir or simply as part of your diet - in neanderland there is a wealth of regionally produced products and services that you should not miss out on. Here is a selection of 11 attractions - which of course does not claim to be exhaustive:

  • Enjoy world-class star cuisine
  • Play Farmville in real life
  • Rent a whole quartet of chickens
  • Go to herb school
  • Get to know the new Neandertal
  • toast with beer from here
  • Get pampered by Dr Wald
  • Observe prehistoric animals
  • Visit the historic engine shed and museum
  • Buy regional products from here
  • Meat from the butcher for more animal welfare

All information about the typical delights and experiences can be found here.

The Neanderthal Museum

One of the most successful archaeological museums in Germany is looking forward to your visit. Multimedia presentations on the origins of mankind and other related topics are fun and provide fascinating facts. Find out more here.

Hiking and biking

Do you want to go hiking or biking? Our BESOTEL® holiday homes and flats are just the right base for you. The neanderland with its Niederberg floodplain landscapes, forests, meadows and farmland has around 240 kilometres of well-developed hiking trails. These include the neanderland STEIG with its current 17 stages and "mobile phone-friendly" information tool. You can plan and prepare your hike with the free "neanderland STEIG hiking app" (App Stone and Google Play Store). The Neanderland STEIG website with stages, current information and stories about Manuel Andrack, the godfather of the neanderland STEIG, can be found here.

The Ice Age game reserve in Neandertal

Rare animals from the Ice Age have been bred here and kept in a species-appropriate manner since 1935. The open-air enclosures on the edge of the Neandertal valley are home to bison as well as replicas of aurochs and tarpans (Eurasian wild horses), which became extinct in Europe hundreds of years ago. As the largest land mammal in Europe and the last representative of the European wild cattle species, the bison populated Central and Northern European mixed forests and steppes. You can observe tarpans in the winter months on the winter pasture near the Neanderthal Museum's Stone Age workshop. In summer, you can find them on the sloping meadows to the south of the enclosure in Erkrath Hochdahl - less than ten minutes' walk from our holiday flats in Hochdahl. Everything else about the game reserve can be found here.

Unterbacher See recreation area

The Unterbacher See is our "little Neanderland Sea", so to speak. Easy to reach from Mettmann and Erkrath-Hochdahl, the 87-hectare lake offers plenty of recreational fun: Beach baths, playgrounds, water sports such as rowing, surfing, sailing or fishing, 15 km of hiking and cycling trails, boat hire, lake cruise with a party raft, regatta, high ropes course.

It's best to find out for yourself or simply drop by. You can check whether the weather is suitable in advance via the webcam.

Bergisches Land Nature Park

"Enjoy and relax in peace" - with this slogan, the Bergisches Land Nature Park wants to attract you as a holiday and recreation region. The region has a large proportion of forest, which is spread over many small, often unconnected forest areas. Meadow valleys and wooded mountain ranges, Bergisch specialities and typical gastronomy make for exciting experiences. The "unofficial Bergisch capital" - Wuppertal with its world-famous suspension railway - also invites you to visit its zoo, which is steeped in tradition, and its diverse culture.

Old Town and Burgplatz Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf's old town is just half a square kilometre in size and yet it is "the longest bar in the world". The famous Altbier, the rough-and-tumble Köbesse - as waiters are called here - and more than 260 opportunities to quench your hunger and thirst invite you to visit Heinrich-Heine-Allee, Hofgarten, Burgplatz, Rheinuferpromenade and Carlstadt.

You can find more information about more spiritual food in Düsseldorf's Old Town here:

Aquazoo Löbbecke in the Nordpark Düsseldorf

From stingrays to rag fish, from penguins to sharks - over 500 species from the still mysterious world under and above the water are collected here. The origin of all life on our blue planet, the history of living creatures from their emergence in the water, their spread in the sea, the conquest of fresh waters to the colonisation of all habitats on land are told here. The Aquazoo Löbbecke, which has received several awards from the United Nations, is a great favourite with the public in Düsseldorf. Opening times, admission prices, directions and further information can be found here:

querfeldein - High ropes course Düsseldorf

The high ropes course on the western edge of Unterbacher See lake offers you plenty of variety - whether you are visiting as a family, parents with children, individuals or in a group. Thrills on the high ropes course or zip wire course, fun with archery, raft building, canoeing, geocaching or team training and team building activities: find something you like. All current activities, dates and impressions can be found at

Benrath Palace and Park in Düsseldorf

A 60-hectare palace park with a "pleasure and hunting lodge" in Düsseldorf's Benrath district: Palatine Elector Carl Theodor von Pfalz-Sulzbach knew how to enjoy life. Benrath Palace is a highlight of the type of aristocratic, stately pleasure palaces developed in France from the 17th century onwards. The park is one of the most popular in the whole of NRW. In Benrath Palace and Park you can enjoy a wide range of varied events. Current information here.

„Feste“ Zons at the Rhine

First mentioned in writing as early as the 12th century as a court of the Archbishop of Cologne, the settlement was later expanded with strong fortifications to become Friedestrom Castle. Zons had thus become a customs fortress. Today, Zons belongs to Dormagen, but has its own "town" title and is an interesting excursion idea for you. There you can "experience the Middle Ages live". The little town is easy to reach from our BESOTEL® locations with the Rhine ferry in Düsseldorf-Urdenbach and the Rhine boat from Düsseldorf.

News, sights and events can be found here.

The mountain station - Climbing and bouldering centre Hilden near Düsseldorf

Young and old, from beginners to competitive athletes, schools, clubs, groups and companies: The mountain station in Hilden offers state-of-the-art climbing walls of 12.5 m, 17 m and 20 m on a total area of 3450 m²; indoor and outdoor, on the outside wall incl. sun and shade sector. Additional attractions: Bouldering area with 800 m², yoga courses, climbing shop, children's climbing frame and, and, and . . .

Find out more about the mountain station in Hilden here:

Land Rover Experience in Wülfrath

Challenging terrain on 120,000 m2, a variety of off-road activities, the latest Land Rover models and certified instructors - do you fancy a real adventure with your car? Then you should combine your stay in our BESOTEL**** holiday flat or our flat with a visit to the Land Rover Experience Centre Wülfrath.

Information and contact details can be found here:

Suspension railway Wuppertal

Since March 1901, the "steel-hard dragon" (quote from Else Lasker-Schüler) has connected the west and east of Wuppertal. Not only a fast, congestion-free and inexpensive local transport connection, but also a truly unique attraction that has already transported over 1.5 billion people through the Wupper valley. Find out more about the start and end stations, length, "suspended" stations and sights along the route here:

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